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I remember growing up, teasing my mom for always having a camera "stuck to her face". Little did I know the depth of her influence and that I would become that same person! I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember (yes, that includes the film days). After years and years of family and friends telling me I should "do more" with my photography, I finally took the professional leap 5 years ago.

I shoot Fujifilm cameras exclusively, but have Minolta film cameras ready for a rainy day. My passion and eye are for older/classic cars, vintage/junkyard finds, guitars and model cars, and the artistic "Intentional Camera Movement" style (known as ICM) photography. I also enjoy capturing images around Wisconsin, at car shows and of pretty much anything else from "the road less traveled". The unique angles, perspectives, rich colors and minimal editing (NO AI here!!!) are what give my photography a fresh, different edge. Enjoy!

Proud member of the WI Professional Photographers Association


Contributing Photographer - Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce


Active Member of the Cedarburg Artist's Guild

Taking the Road Less Traveled

Taking the Road Less Traveled

“I believe in slowing down enough to find the things we miss when we take the busy "highways" in life. My goal with photography is to explore and then preserve the character and soul of things that might one day simply fade away”

—Aimee Lee

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